The CREATE & WRITE Micro Fiction Whimsy:

23 Dec

‘Christmas Visit’

I’d met him this time last year, on a dusky, lamplit evening. The heel on my boot started to crumble. I rolled my eyes in exasperation. That’s when he came to my rescue. A dark, handsomely dressed stranger. His gaze was disarming yet he spoke so kindly, holding his umbrella over me as the snow became a blizzard. ‘This is the only time of year I feel truly alive,’ I told him. He smiled as he hailed a cab and I stepped inside. I turned to offer him a lift but he was gone. I looked at the spot where we’d been standing, and saw, in disbelief, only one set of footprints in the snow. His. The cab sped me into oblivion but I vowed to return. And here I am, hovering in the shadows, waiting for him to appear under the dusk lights again.

– Susi Moore


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