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Levana’s Dream – The Fantasy Sequel Report (2)

27 Jun


Levana Possible Cover

Levana’s Dream

(full length sequel to Levana’s Wish)

by Susi Moore

Progress:   7,000 words              Setbacks:  Summer nights are too long …

Since commencing sequel, Levana’s world has expanded beyond my expectations … Levana is dealing with the loss of Auric and must reconcile with her sisters to overcome the shadow wraiths and more …




Levana’s Dream – The Fantasy Sequel Report (1)

2 Jun

Spellcasting‘When you start to notice the mystical, the mystical will start to notice you …’  

Much progress made on full-length sequel to Levana’s Wish.

Title:  Levana’s Dream

Progress:  Over past three weeks have written four thousand words …

Setbacks:  Can’t write fast enough!

Levana’s world has expanded beyond my expectations.  To see where it all begins:

Levana’s Wish (5 Star Reviews) ★★★★★

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