‘Like stories with a twist? Then this author has them …’ Thank you for your great Five Star Reviews! ★★★★★

8 Oct


The Secret Ballroom by Susi Moore -. #dark #gothic #suspense – available on Amazon –
Five Star Reviews ★★★★★ http://amzn.to/2bR4fKG


Thrilled by your reviews for Levana’s Wish! ★★★★★ You’ve asked for more! Levana’s Dream in progress – updates on the way …

8 Oct


Levana’s Wish – a short, hypnotic taster from upcoming Levana series – available on Amazon – https://t.co/AjJu5Q9bbR

Fleur …

20 Aug

The Reading Diva:  http://linkis.com/tEDli

Fleur Cover Original Cover 2016 (2)

Fleur experiences recurring dreams which take her all the way back to 1890s Paris. There, she falls in love, but her dreams become nightmares which constantly jolt her back to the present day. Who or what invades her subconscious? Fleur is about to be married, yet is haunted by a past which doesn’t belong to her.

Susi Moore at Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2b7NbAu


The MuserScribe Weekend Fiction Prompt:

29 Aug

Write for five minutes using the prompts below:

‘The book contained potent and inviting spells.  And she would use them … ‘

Reader - Blonde

Back to college? A mere 50 books for your bookshelf …

28 Aug

http://flavorwire.com/534211/a-college-curriculum-on-your-bookshelf-50-books-for-50-College Books (50)

To read … perchance to dream …

6 Aug

Sometimes, you only ever have the luxury of reading a WHOLE book, when:

You’re an English Literature student … (exams to pass) :/

You’ve broken your ankle (to save yourself from daytime tv) 😉

You’re on VACATION (break out the books!!) 😉 🙂

Vacation Books


Does literature boost your brainpower? Yes, actually …

6 Aug

Reading 3

Does Reading Make You Smarter?